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ExaGrid takes pride in our ecosystem of technology partners by offering the single most scalable and cost-effective backup storage to any virtualized, physical or disaster recovery environment. ExaGrid’s next generation appliance nets faster and more reliable backups, always.

Veeam Virtualized Backup

The partnership between ExaGrid and Veeam® provides a cost-effective disk-based backup solution that maximizes data reduction and scales to meet the needs of demanding enterprise environments. The combination of ExaGrid’s and Veeam’s industry-leading virtual server data protection solutions allows customers to utilize Veeam Backup & Replication™ in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments on ExaGrid’s disk-based backup system with data deduplication.

ExaGrid’s unique Landing Zone allows VMs to boot in seconds to minutes versus competitive appliances that could take hours. In addition, Veeam and ExaGrid have integrated the Veeam Data Mover with ExaGrid appliances to achieve 30% faster backup performance versus CIFS and 600% faster creation of synthetic fulls.

Nimble Storage

The partnership between ExaGrid and Nimble provides a comprehensive, next-generation storage solution that addresses the challenges of both backup storage and primary storage. Combined, ExaGrid and Nimble deliver industry-leading data storage and protection that seamlessly scales for enterprise-class performance and capacity within a smaller footprint, avoiding disruptive forklift upgrades.

Nimble’s Single Storage Architecture and Consolidation Platform eliminates storage silos needed for varying application demands and keeps storage infrastructure running at peak health with powerful, proactive analytics. ExaGrid’s scale-out GRID provides a Landing Zone plus repository that keeps backups in native form for the fastest possible restores and stores deduplicated data for disaster recovery. When ExaGrid and Nimble are combined and integrated, their key architectural elements are uniquely positioned to solve data storage, protection, and retrieval challenges.

Mission Critical VMs Live Disaster Recovery

The partnership between ExaGrid and Zerto provides a cost-effective offsite disk-based backup solution that employs data deduplication to store long-term retention of offsite Business Continuity Tier One VMs cost effectively in a small storage footprint. With ExaGrid’s unique architecture, the most recent Zerto Offsite Backup of Tier One VMs in a Virtual Protection Group (VPG) is first stored in a landing zone in its native format for fast Zerto VM restores and boots. Long-term retention copies of these Offsite Backups of Tier One VMs are stored in the ExaGrid repository as deduplicated data, resulting in a reduced storage footprint that allows you to satisfy extended retention policies at a greatly reduced storage cost. The combination of Zerto’s Offsite Backup and the ExaGrid landing zone plus repository offers the best of all worlds.

StorageCraft Physical Server Backup

StorageCraft and ExaGrid offer a complete end-to-end backup solution for customers who wish to use a single backup application for both their physical and virtual servers. The combination of StorageCraft’s snapshot technology and ExaGrid’s unique landing zone and scale-out backup architecture allows backups to occur quickly. In addition, ExaGrid keeps the most recent backup in its full undeduplicated form in the landing zone, enabling StorageCraft to perform fast restores. Long-term retention is kept in a deduplicated form for low-cost storage.

Veeam Disaster Recovery In The Cloud

The partnership of Veeam, OffsiteDataSync, and ExaGrid provides hosted Disaster Recovery as a Cloud Service. ExaGrid appliances that are located onsite at the customer’s data center replicate Veeam backups to one of OffsiteDataSync’s Tier IV data centers. This solution is for Veeam customers who prefer to use operating versus capital budget for their DR solution, or who don’t own or operate their own second data center.

Disaster Recovery In The Cloud

ExaGrid works with ATS Cloud whereby ExaGrid appliances located onsite at the customer’s data center can replicate to ExaGrid appliances housed and operated by ATS Cloud. This solution is for customers who want operating expense (OPEX) for their DR solution or who don’t own or operate their own second data center.